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     If you are getting frustrated by the lack of a real and genuine opportunity to earn money online, and you know that there must be something available that requires very little experience, needs just a small upfront investment, and can be run part-time in the evening or at
weekends, then your day just got a lot better.

     My name is Robert Evans, and within this letter, you'll
 discover how it's possible to generate online income
 streams that run on auto-pilot.

     But first...

Here's 100% Proof ...
Watch As I Take You Into
My Genuine PayPal Account 
Within This Short Video:

So What's The Secret?

     Well the secret is knowing where the easy money is and concentrating all your efforts on these markets ... something which thousands of online marketers ignore - especially here in the UK!

     There are two ways to get this crucial "know-how" information.

1) You have to work it out for yourself by endlessly testing, researching and spending money

2) Simply copy someone who already knows the secrets and is making hundreds of pounds every day. 

     Within the next 5 minutes you'll discover how you can earn £1,800.00 per week simply by copying my amazing - yet effortless - system of creating small automated online income streams that earn you money 24 hours a day.

And I'll Prove It To You ...

     Before I begin, let me reassure you that you'll NOT be reading some 'hard luck' story - phew!! - of how I was penniless, wife left me, huge debts etc etc ...

     ...and how some knight in shinning armour came along and saved me from a life of poverty.

     If you are anything like me, you are probably sick to death with all those stupid ...

     ...and most probably complete lies  ... that you read on some websites.

     What I will be doing is being completely upfront with you by revealing my real-life experience of how I - over a six month period, without any prior online experience - created 26 different automated online income streams that earn me at least £1,800.00 every week.

     Here's some genuine copies of my Paypal statements showing income I received from my automated online income streams.

I transferred £18,673.00 into my personal bank account - YOU can do this too!

I transferred a MASSIVE £20,050.00 into my personal bank account - I'll show you exactly how YOU can do this too!

Another of my automated income streams - over a 4week period - earned me £9,582.00. Everything was done automatically, I simply transfer the money into my bank account.

Here's another genuine copy of my Paypal statement - over a 6 week period - showing I received over £14,460.00 income from a different online income stream.

     I can't think of an easier way to make money online.

     Every week I make £1,800.00 - sometimes more - from my 26 income streams and do little more than check each one is working okay and earning the targeted £10.00 per day.

Here's another actual Paypal statement showing I made £10,836.70 in commission payments from yet another of my automated online income streams.

Remember, these Paypal statements all relate to completely different automated income streams.

            Are You Interested In 
Exactly What
                   I've Done? 

      If you want to earn £50.00, £200.00 even £300.00 per day, then I will show you step-by-step exactly what to do by copying my methods.

     Before I do, here's a genuine message from one of my past clients:

     And I have many more testimonials from delighted clients.

You may be wondering why I'm
willing to reveal these secrets.

     Well, firstly it won't affect my online income whatsoever, and secondly it gives me the opportunity to earn some extra cash by revealing the secrets to others who are desperate to earn a regular full-time income online.

     Over the past year I've wasted hundreds of pounds buying every "Make Money On The Internet" type ebook hoping that one of them will show me exactly how to create regular online income without needing a degree in website design and marketing.

     Sadly, nearly all failed in actually showing me step-by-step how it's done. Most were written for the US market and contained information which quickly went out of date.

     So, six months ago I set out to learn how to create online income myself.

     What I quickly found is that the 'so-called' gurus actually keep most of the important secrets to themselves.

     They reveal basic information in their ebooks, but the real life-changing methods, strategies and techniques are kept close to their chest.

     I'm talking about the secrets that will earn you £5,000.00 per day, or the method that earns £7.00 per hour - every hour - 24 hours a day!

     Gradually I started applying these closely guarded secrets to create my first automated online income stream.

     I couldn't believe the results. From my VERY first try, I was taking tens of £7.00 payments per hour. Here's my Paypal statement showing just one day.

    That was over six years ago, since then I've rapidly increased the number of income streams to 26 and I'm now earning £260.00+ per day doing very little.

online income robert evans capital westland      I'm sure you'd like to copy exactly what I've done over the past years.

     So, I'm offering you the information you'll need to create your own online income which will provide you with a fantastic lifestyle.

     Every detail, format, method and secret that I've used successfully to create automated online income streams are now contained within my brand new fully illustrated study course: "The Easy Way To Make Money Online - Everyday!"

     You'll make money everyday with my system which will enable you to pay yourself the kind of money to buy the things you really want.

     For instance, from the
 secrets I'll be sharing, you'll
 discover how to earn enough
 money to buy your dream
 car within a couple of

     Personally, my income
 streams allowed me to
 purchase my dream
 motor - a Range Rover Sport .

     Just imagine earning £1,800.00 per week.

     How secure and worry-free you life would suddenly become.

     Knowing you'll never have another debt ... safe in the knowledge that you'll never have to work again if you don't want to.

     NO more early morning starts ... NO boss to answer to ... NO more working hard for little reward ... NO more stress ... NO more worries...

     ... Ever!

     For instance, I love to spend time with my wife and 2 children.

     This system has made it possible to rise whenever I want - usually when the children awake!

     I take a leisurely breakfast, walk the children to School and when I return home I switch on my computer and discover how much I've earned online through the night - usually £200.00+.

     The rest of day I then do as I please.

     You'll learn exactly how to live this idyllic lifestyle as I'll reveal exactly how to make money online - everyday!

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So How Will You Make
Money Online

     Firstly, I told you that I have 26 different automated income streams.

     Although I have a couple of basic websites that earn money - details to follow - most are just very simple automated income streams.

     Each one was very easy to set up, requires little updating - if any - and earns money 24 hours a day - 52 weeks of the year both here in the UK and other parts of Europe and the US.

     Here's an example of one of my automated income streams. If you search for "classic ford cars" my Google Adwords appears.


    When someone clicks on my advert, they are taken directly to my simple website that displays eBay LIVE auctions for classic ford cars and related accessories currently for sale on eBay in the UK.

     Now, how I make money is that whenever someone clicks on my advert and registers with eBay I earn up to £14.00 and if they place a bid I earn 24p. It may not sound a lot, but I earn approx £70.00 a week from this one income stream.

     Now imagine that you set up many more of these income streams - just as I have.

      10 Adverts = £700.00 potential income per week

      100 Adverts = £7,000 potential income per week

     You can do the same with thousands of products.

     I have adverts promoting Amazon products such as DVD players, books and toys, plus products from Tesco, Asda and Argos.

" I have read your study course fully now and implemented it .Of the 4 courses we purchased yours is the best because of the step-by-step illustrations of how to do everything."
G. Chapman
London - UK

     I also promote: switching electricity suppliers, joining Sky, taking out travel insurance plus many more which I'll reveal to you in my course.

online income robert evans capital westland           And that's not all!

  I'll also show you how to 
set up hundreds 
  of automated income
streams such as:

Product and Service Review        Amazon Product Links

Affiliate Sites                                   One Page Sales Letters
Niche Subject Sites                         Clickbank Product Sites

Adsense Sites                                   Directories      

       ... and many more

     Although each site or stream only makes a few pounds per day, when combined, they produce a very nice weekly income - usually around £1,800.00.

     One of my niche websites is: http://www.disneytoysonline.com/

 online income robert evans capital westland

     Now, I'll admit this site is pretty basic with just a few pages - but that doesn't matter.

     It gives readers information about Disney's film: Cars, and the company behind the animation - Pixar.

     The site cost £25.00 to be built and it makes me money from Google Adsense and Amazon links.

     Again, this is not some super fancy expensively designed website, yet it still brings in approx £10.00 per day - every day!

     Here's another of my websites. This one took me 10 minutes to create and I make money from live eBay auctions that are displayed on the site.

     I'll show you exactly how you can set these up within 10 minutes.


     Another form of income is from Clickbank. This is from promoting other people's products - usually ebooks - and receiving a percentage - usually 50% - of the sale.

     I receive a monthly cheque from Clickbank simply from promoting other people's products.

     Again this is an automated income stream, there is no product to deliver, no customers to deal with, no payment to take - everything is done for me.

     I've found eBooks are one of the most profitable products to sell online and I'll disclose the very best methods I use to make hundreds of pounds per week in commission.

     Here's an example of one of my sites that sells Clickbank products:

                  online income robert evans capital westland

     Another of my sites reviews dog training ebooks:

             online income robert evans capital westland

     I have 11 of these sites currently selling Clickbank products. Each site makes around £70.00 per week from sales commission and Google Adsense.

     These sites were very easy to set up, they cost £10.00 each to be built and make me £70.00 per week - Automatically - 24/7.

     Then each month Clickbank send me a cheque.

     Here's a statement from one of my Clickbank accounts - please note, all Clickbank statements are in Dollars.

       online income robert evans capital westland

     I'll reveal full easy-to-follow details of how I set up each of my income streams so that you can set up your own straight away.

online income robert evans capital westland                          You'll Also Learn:
The secrets that the gurus keep to themselves
of how to set up unlimited online income streams
            without any http or internet experience

How to find niche subjects that bring in small but regular

How to quickly build up a lucrative portfolio of small 
            websites and income streams that'll earn you constant 
            money every day for years to come

Examples of my 'live' websites and income streams that you
            can  copy

Details of where you can get websites built from as little as

How to make money promoting products that you make a
           50% - 60% commission on

How to create hundreds of eBay, Amazon, Argos, Tesco and
           Asda direct product links that'll earn you money while you
           are asleep

How to duplicate your sites / income streams in other
           Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Sweden,
           Germany and France

How to make money from Google Adsense arbitrage

How to quickly build huge email lists that you can then sell
           products too

The top affiliate products to promote

The very best websites to own

How to create review sites that make £70.00 per week -

Internet secrets, methods and techniques that can make you
           hundreds of pounds per week - all fully tested and ready for
           you to copy

... Plus loads more secret online insider information
        that the big name gurus don't tell you

     It has never been easier for the average person to make a regular income from the internet.

     Online marketing has become the #One opportunity for anyone to become truly wealthy and achieve financial independence.


     Let's face it. I've gone from ZERO http and internet experience to owning 26 automated income streams and earning £1,800.00 per week. If I can do this - I'm 100% sure you can too!

     Remember, you don't need any experience, knowledge of http or internet experience.

     You don't even need online access - although it helps - as you can simply go to your local library or internet cafe to set things up.

     So let's cut to the chase. I'll reveal the EXACT secrets that I've used to earn more in a week than most people earn in a month - the same secrets that I still use to this day.

     When I say I'll reveal everything - I MEAN EVERYTHING - nothing will be left out!

online income robert evans capital westland      Within my brand new fully illustrated field manual course are prime online marketing secrets that you can begin using straight away.
     There is no padding or fluff within the course - unlike some of the big-name gurus who fill their ebooks with mumbo jumbo just to make their product look big and value for money.

     You'll get 146 'information packed' pages that get straight down to business.

     Here at last is the most up-to-date online income information and for a limited period, this study course is available for the ridiculously low price of just £7.00.

And it's set up for instant download, so you'll have the training manual within a couple of minutes from now!     

     I've already done the hard work, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

     And to put your mind completely as ease....

     You get a no-nonsense 30 day guarantee:

    100% RISK-FREE 30 Day
    Money-Back Guarantee

 The systems that I use to create automated online income streams will deliver results, but in case you feel that you are unable to get the desired results once you have read the study course and used my "Automated Income Streams Systems", then just let me know and I will refund you immediately. No questions asked!

                  Robert Evans

     To order your copy of this fully illustrated study course simply click on the "BUY NOW" button below and you'll receive it instantly.

     You can order any time of the day - heck, even if it's 3.00am!

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     Within minutes, you'll have in your hands the most up-to-date information on how you can set up unlimited automated online cash streams earning you hundreds per day.

     Very best regards,

      P.S. - Discover how to create quick and easy income streams that'll earn you £10.00 per day - no experience required.

     You can then set up as many as you wish, each one earning you a minimum of £10.00 per day.

     P.P.S. - You have NOTHING to lose. You are covered by my no-nonsense 30-day money back guarantee.