Over 27,000 ACTUAL UK Buyers of Capital Westland and Robert Evans' Business Opportunity Products
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  From The Desk Of Robert Evans, Bournemouth, UK

     If you are looking for genuine quality business opportunity buyers names and address within the UK, then your day just got a whole lot better.

     Here's why...     

     The aim of this webpage is to give you a little more information on some of the UK’s most responsive mail order business opportunity buyers names.

     The MOST important thing to point out is that all the names available are ACTUAL buyers of products from my company Capital Westland.

     They have already spent money buying one or more of our products and are waiting to receive information about your product / service TODAY!

     In total there are 27,542 buyers names available to rent and we add approximately 200 new buyers names each month to the list.

     Each name has spent a minimum of £47.00, with 67% having bought two or more products.

Our names are NOT simply business opportunity seekers, enquiries or free information responders - they are ACTUAL buyers of one or more of our products!

     With all direct mail campaigns, the correct list is as important as your advertising copy. It can make the difference between outright failure and an immediate fortune!

     Our business opportunity buyers names are suitable for a whole host of opportunity or gambling products / services.

Users report 2% - 10% response rates

     Successful users have already received 2%- 10% response rates for opportunities they've promoted using our business opportunity buyers list. These include:

  Internet / make money online manuals, software , services
  Business opportunity / start your own business type products
  Stock market trading software and study courses
  Horse racing services, manuals and software
  Footbal fixed odds manuals, tips and software


     As a information publisher since 1996, many people have asked for my advice on sources of high quality mailing lists. My advice has also been to use high price book, manual, course and newsletter buyers lists.


     I also advise anyone looking to rent a list to find out how it was generated, whether the names on the list have bought a product and, if so, the minimum amount spent.

     One of the first rules to observe in picking a mailing list is that buyers are invariably much more responsive than names who have simply replied to an advertisement.

     And you need to beware of some lists which consist mainly of people who have neither purchased anything from the mailing list provider or even asked for information on business opportunities!

     This kind of list has usually been generated from directories and ‘free details’ type ads.

     Another important factor when picking a mailing list is how frequently it is ‘cleaned’.

     In general, the highest rates of response are obtained from lists of actual buyers and in order to remain active, it is important the list is re-mailed at regular intervals, ‘cleaned’ for ‘gone aways’ and run against the deceased, PAF and MPS files.

     Finally, having chosen the correct mailing list for your own particular opportunity, you need to design an attractive, well presented sales letter and mailing piece.


So why choose a mailing list from Capital Westland?

   1. All our names are actual customers of ours

   2. Each name has spent a minimum of £47.00

   3. We constantly add new names to the list on a daily basis

   4. The database is regularly cleaned against MPS and PAF, and is mailed on a weekly basis

   5. Minimum order is 500 names

   6. Names supplied by either email or disk in a text file or on sticky labels

   7. Names usually sent same day, or if supplied on labels within 48 hours

     As an example of our products, here's a sales page that attracts hundreds of buyers each month ....
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   500 : £    77.00 


1,000 : £  137.00


5,000 : £  497.00

     To order by post using a cheque or credit / debit card, please click here.

All prices already include VAT at 20%, disk or labels are free, the figure above is the figure you pay.


     I look forward to supplying you with TOP QUALITY business opportunity buyers names and helping you succeed with your next mailing campaign.

     Very best regards,

     P.S. Remember, all names are actual buyers of one or more of our business opportunity products.

     They are NOT simply business opportuity seekers or free information responders, they are ACTUAL BUYERS of mail order and online products. Each one has spent a minimum of £47.00. They have already spent money with us and are waiting to hear about your product / service NOW!